Modular Knock-in Pinned Polyurethane Screens

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Modular Knock-in Pinned Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Panels.

This type of PU screening media will meet a large scale of applications. Special design allows easy installation as knock-in panels pin to rails with the help of pins on the bottom of the panels. It will save you time on installation and replacement. On the other hand, these panels can be changed individually without affecting the others. The panels are repairable.  Polyurethane vibrating screen panels is a great alternative to steel wire screen mesh. On the other hand, main advantages are exceptional abrasion resistance, lack of corrosion and low noise levels during operation. They provide perfect constant screening performance, do not mix fractures and do not crack under vibration. In addition, polyurethane screen panels are repairable.

We supply Aggregate and Sand Polyurethane Screen Panels in different types for specific application with a variety of aperture opening and thickness.

Modular Knock-in Pinned Polyurethane Screen Mesh usage areas:

  • Aggregate Plants
  • Mining Applications
  • Sand and Aggregate Washing
  • Food industry and flour mills
  • Asphalt Production
  • Agriculture and Fertilizer industries
  • Coal Processing
  • Slag Processing

Polyurethane Screen Panel dimensions:

  • Our polyurethane vibrating screen panels can be manufactured in desired length up to 2100mm (82 inches) width.
  • Standard screen opening sizes are shown in our catalog. However, we can supply custom designs as well.
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