Aggregate Metal Detector

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Metal Detectors for Aggregate and Mining Industries

Aggregate metal detectors are used to prevent damage to crushers and mills caused by metal parts. Aggregate detector will stop the operation with an audible siren and lights when metal parts pass over it. Detectors should be installed under the belt.

Operational Characteristics of Aggregate Metal Detectors:

  • Detects metal parts over the belt in max material thickness of 150mm (5.9″).
  • Can detect parts with 30+mm (1.2″) dimensions.
  • Includes control panel with digital screen.
  • No modification to the conveyor frame required.
  • Includes connection for belt fastener sensor.
  • Includes audible and light alarms.
  • No mechanical parts. Reliable operation.
  • Adjustable detection properties (part size, distance).
  • Can be implemented into the plant PLC.

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