Polyurethane Screen Panels

Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Media and Panels.

Polyurethane vibrating screen mesh is a very good alternative to steel wire screen media. Main advantages are exceptional abrasion resistance, lack of corrosion and low noise levels during operation. They provide perfect constant screening performance, do not mix fractures and do not crack under vibration. In addition, PU panels are repairable.

Polyurethane screen mesh offers up to 10 times longer lifespan comparing to woven wire. Therefore, it reduces the operational and labor costs. On the other hand, flexible structure allows the screen to flex and helps lower the clogging and blinding. Lower weight also contributes to lower energy consumption on the long run.

Our polyurethane screen media can be used instead of steel wire mesh without any modifications on the screen box.

Polyurethane Screen Mesh Advantages:

  • Up to 10 time longer lifespan comparing to steel mesh
  • Constant screen opening dimension regardless the wear
  • Low noise levels
  • Great impact resistance
  • Much smaller minimum screen opening
  • Flexible structure
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Oil, acid and corrosive chemical resistant

Polyurethane Screen Mesh usage areas:

  • Aggregate Plants
  • Mining Applications
  • Sand and Aggregate Washing
  • Food industry and flour mills
  • Asphalt Production
  • Agriculture and Fertilizer industries
  • Coal Processing
  • Slag Processing

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