Underground/Tunneling Chains

Tyre protection chains are a great solution for maximizing the tyre lifetime in underground mining and tunneling applications. Deep under the ground loaders and shuttle cars work in tough conditions and high moisture. In addition, limited space requires many maneuvers on abrasive surfaces, like specific minerals. This results in a lot of friction. On the other hand, long driving distances under the load also create additional stress. Tyre protection chains are very important for this application.

You can save a lot just on tyres!

Although tyre protection chains may look like an expensive buy, just by mounting them you can drastically bring down the hourly operational costs on the long run. Therefore, after the first experience with tyre protection chains they become an indispensable item for quarry owners.

Why using tyre protection chains?

  • Reduced tyre change costs
  • Financial benefits
  • Lower down times for tyre change
  • Lower down time due to tyre failure
  • Better traction and stability of the vehicle
  • Increased overall productivity

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