Slag and Scrap Handling Chains

Tyre protection chains are a great solution for maximizing the tyre lifetime in slag and scrap handling applications. Extreme conditions like very high slag temperatures, large scrap parts with sharp edges and abrasive driveways (concrete-asphalt) require maximum protection. Therefore, tyre protection chains are the only solution to minimize the damage to the tyres.

High Performance at High Temperatures

Heat resistant alloy steel and special link and mesh design provide excellent protection for slag, scrap, waste and glass recycling, thus improving performance. Our tyre protection chains will lower your costs per hour.

Why using tyre protection chains for slag and scrap?

  • Extreme temperatures up to 1200 ºC (2190 ºF)
  • Sharp edged parts, punctures and burns
  • Abrasive ground
  • Reduced tyre change costs
  • Financial benefits
  • Lower down times for tyre change
  • Lower down time due to tyre failure
  • Better traction and stability of the vehicle
  • Increased overall productivity

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