9434210312 MERCEDES BRAKE DISC, 943 421 0312 MERCEDES

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9434210312 /943 421 0312 MERCEDES Brake Disc 

Current Spare Part No: 943 421 0312 MERCEDES. Main category: Mercedes Brake System.

Successor Part No: N/A. Other part numbers are: 943 421 0412 / 9434210412 / 943 421 0512 / 9434210512

We can provide different brands on request.

Weight: 33.6 kg / 74.6 lb

Some models/engines using the 943 421 0312 part are as follows: Mercedes-Benz Atego/Econic, Actros/Antos/Arocs/Axor, O 500-Series / Setra S 400-/S 500-Series.

MERCEDES part name is Brake Disc, however, there are different names and mentions in different sources.

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Weight33.6 kg