0009966645 Mercedes 000 996 66 45 Gear Shift Ball Joint

Other part numbers are: 000 996 9345 / 0009969345

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0009966645 / 000 996 66 45 MERCEDES Gear Shift Ball Joint 

Current Spare Part No: 0009966645 MERCEDES Injection Pump. Main category: Mercedes Gearbox System.

Predecessor Part No: N/A. On the other hand, other part numbers are: 000 996 9345 / 0009969345

We can provide different brands on request.

Thread Measurement 2: M10 x 1.5

Length: 60 mm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Some models/engines using the 0009966645 part are as follows: Actros/Antos/Arocs/Axor/Setra

MERCEDES part name is Articulated Part  Gear Shift Ball Joint, however, there are different names and mentions in different sources. Therefore, following names can refer to the same part: Ball joint, right hand thread.

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Weight0.2 kg